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Workshops and Trainings

Sarvanga Flow offers certified trainings and workshops of Yoga Nidra & Restorative Yoga

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Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

In this training we will deepen Nidra knowledge through a combination of theory and practice, expanding on the concepts touched in the introductory section so that you will gain a broad understanding of all the facets of Yoga Nidra and the tools that you require to teach safely and with confidence.

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Restorative Yoga Training

This course will cover subjects from the proper usage of props to physiological relaxation. You will come to understand all of the layers and dimensions of the body – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – and how a restorative posture and breath can impact them for release and renewal.

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Workshop Yoga Nidra


In this workshop you experience Yoga Nidra as a practice of relaxation and expansion of consciousness. We explore this accessible tool for sleeping better, stress relief, emotional balance and mental health. We learn about its benefits, what happens to the brain and why it is such a transformational tool.

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