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Free Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra can address emotional traumas and reprogram the psychic personality by planting new seeds of personality–clearing tendencies, perceptions, and obstacles, which as a result can lead to life changes in behavioral patterns and personal intuition.  Is an amazing deeper inner journey where you are to be left to model your own experience and embody your own deeper truth.

You can seed truthful intentions about yourself and purpose in the deepest gardens of your unconscious mind.

Moon cycles: 

These practices follow the energy and changes that are happening according to the moons. It's 1-hour class delivered online every 2nd week on the full moon and new moon at 6 pm (GMT).

These are classes based on donation, you can subscribe here---( não sei qual é o Metodo de subscrição que Podemos fazer por aqui), and receive the record to practice for the next weeks. 


Full Moon

9 October

8 November

8 December


New Moon

25 October

23 October

23 December

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