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I first began teaching yoga in 2014, after intense training 500HYTT with Zuna Yoga em Gili Meno, in Indonesia. Since there I have been hosting classes and workshops in Yoga and meditation in various locations around South-East and Australia and Amsterdam when returning to Europe  I also have deepened my training skills in Multidimensional Therapy, Channeling, White Tantric Meditation, Quantum- touch and Reiki Master, Krya and Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra and Yoga Therapy.

I am a Certified Yoga Teacher and Therapist, with many differing experiences in the field of mental health and emotional well-being. I have experience working with groups, and individuals between the ages of 13 and 70 years old. ​ I have experience supporting my clients with concerns related to anxiety, depression, emotional disorders, mood and chronic, and trauma-related disorders amongst other mental health conditions. Less specific to a diagnosis, I thoroughly enjoy supporting clients with life adjustments and desires for fulfilment and personal growth. I use neurological reprogramming to support the transformation of belief systems and patterns, integrating them on the subconscious level, so the shift happens from the depth and alters behaviors and attitudes for life.

Now I am based in Portugal, my home country and my intention as a professional is to help my clients listen to their inner selves and live the life they have been wishing for.


500 hours Yoga Teacher Training w/ Zuna Yoga, Indonesia (E-RYT)

100 hours Yoga Nidra Teacher Training w/ Yoga Nidra Network, England

50 hours Yoga Therapy Training w/ Svastha (IAYT) - Breath and Cardio

20 hours Kids Yoga Training


Multidimensional Therapy w/ Sofia Guerra, Portugal


Quantum-Touch w/ Dr. Paulo Franco, Portugal


Art Therapy Annual course @ SPAT (Portuguese Society of Art Therapy)


Reiki Level I & II w/ Mestre Ana Marcos, Portugal


Reiki Master w/ Eric Teichman, Australia


Degree and Master in Heritage Conservation @ IPT Institute, Portugal

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