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Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

In this training we will deepen Nidra knowledge has through a combination of theory and practice, expanding on the concepts touched upon in the introductory section so that you will gain a broad understanding of all the facets of Yoga Nidra and the tools that you require to teach safely and with confidence.


Knowing all the risks and safety guidelines can create a suitable environment for the students to explore their deeper selves through the practice of Yoga Nidra.  The Nidra practice can alter actions, behaviours, personalities and perceptions. It can heal emotional traumas and reduce psychological limitations. And as students are led to a deeper connection with their consciousness and gain access to their most sensitive areas of being, it is crucial for teachers to have received the necessary training to manage this delicate stage of contact. 


We will study the different lineages and structures of Nidra, from the time of its origin to the various methods and techniques of today, while delving deeper into the physiology and neuroscience of the form in relation to the teaching practice. In turn, we will address all of the various practical elements of developing and supporting a class in an instructional environment, equipping you with the necessary skills along the way.


You will learn how to provide a safe environment; what the safe psychological guidelines  are and what to avoid. You will be taught how to prepare a Nidra script and how to set an intention and theme; adapted to each individual and group, and free from influential language so as to allow your students to model their own experiences and embody the truths which are their own. You will experience Nidra intensely and in different forms, with invited teachers to share settings as Nidra 2 voices, singing Bowls and mantras.  


This training will involve some dedication and self-study. It is not only about learning how to teach but will be a deeper journey of your own. You will be required to practice daily and record your observations, and we will get to know and open ourselves to the group – in a certain moment engaging together in a creative practice of liberation to find, plant and nurture our own seeds of self-realization. 

Ultimately, you will share your own script and run through Nidra and Art-Therapy exercises to uncover the layers that hide your purpose, it is an intense journey into yourself and a blissful inner-discovery.

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