Sarvanga: Yoga for transformation

Words can have a variety of meanings in Sanskrit. Sarvanga can refer to adjustment, transformation, or the whole. Sarvanga Flow then is a space where we can evolve by getting to know ourselves at all levels.


The transformation process helps us to detoxify, remove pain, and overcome our limitations to provide a step toward happiness and the discovery of our deepest personal reasons for being.


We start working at the physical level through yoga, recognising our limitations and adjusting to overcome them. The practice is in constant transformation, evolving toward the more subtle layers of our existence.


Through meditation in many forms, we begin to dive deeper into the truth of our being, to recognise our true selves without the layers and to align this self with our physical bodies.


And holistic techniques when used as necessary can support the full transformation process; cleaning the unrecognised obstacles from our conscience which sometimes we just need a little help to overcome.


Ultimately, the whole starts being within, and no matter where you go you will always be home. What I offer you is a balanced yoga practice to transform the obstacles on your way using Hatha Vinyasa and/or Restorative, Meditation, Nidra. I invite you to come back home to meet the most beautiful yourself.




Classes & Privates

Explore Hatha, Restorative, Meditation, and Nidra and see my upcoming schedule or arrange a private class.


Holistic therapies

Take the hand of a Quantum Touch or Reiki session, or come to build a private Nidra record directed to your needs.


Events & Training

Dive deeper into yourself with an extended retreat, or join a special event to clean and refresh from daily life.