Free Nidras Records

Enjoy the Nidras from the link on the Sound Cloud.

After a while recording classes decision to bring them to public comes true. For a while I have been sharing the records with the students that engage that same session. Now you can even do at home some other sessions. Just observe what is better for you in each moment.

Be aware that not all the Nidras are for sleep, some of them are very re-energizing and for productivity, so besides the sleeping sessions, try the records an notice the effect it has on you before you decide to use a record before sleep. This sessions are recorded during classes, so there will be some sounds from the room environment.


Just lay down comfortably with or without earphones and enjoy them. I know record and live classes are very different, but we not always have time to come to the studio and to build a every day practice we need access to good Nidra platforms, so here is my contribute for your journey into deeper levels of consciousness.


Lay back and enjoy...




P.S.: If you need any support or have questions do not hesitate to contact me. And if there is a specific issue we can always get into Private Nidra Sessions and deal with it directly according to your needs.

Sleeping Nidra

This is a Yoga Nidra Sessions are prepared specially to sleep:


Travel to a paradise beach and fall asleep under the stars making your dreams to come true along night. This nidra does not have the part of bringing you back, for you to just drift into your dreams. I hope you have a wonderful sleeping night... Sweet dreams

This Nidra can be a go to sleep session because it does not have end and allows you to drift in. Due to the nature symbol you can use it as grounding and cleansing too. Travel into a mountain and its rivers and reflections. Sleep tight... 

Transformational Nidra

Everyone can do Nidra. However some of this session have more elements of interaction and you may feel that you need to have some experience with Nidra on your background. They are re-energizing and have powerful elements:


This Nidra session is re-energizing and balancing the right and left side of the body and brain. It has a alternate nostril breathing and some more pauses that usual nidras you may have done. It is a powerful session and more recommended to experienced "Nidris"...

This is a Chakra Nidra with a star rotation is a cosmic travel to several layers of yourself.

Grounding Nidra

This is  grounding Nidra where you can experience to be a Tree :) You can do this session laying down or sitting. Super nature inspired just came from a person meditation in nature where I was a tree myself...