Nidra Boat 2 voices

7 Pm @Sarvanag Flow

28 October Nidra 2 voices w/ Catarina Silva

The Nidra & Mantra combination will be a pure floating experience where the rotation goes trough Oms vibrating in each point of the body releasing it and the Mantra comes to purify the experience.

Reiki Nidra is a pure healing Nidra, and the healing can be taken for yourself or spread outward for a broader world cause. Me & Catarina Silva will set a main intention for the session which seeks to lessen global anger and resistance toward progressive human rights. 


Restorative Plus Nidra

@ YogaSpot

28 October -LOWER BACK/Grounding

8 November - Upper back/Insomnia

These workshops are a structured combination of Restorative, Krya and Yoga Nidra with Pranayama to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, deepening the regulation of cells and allowing the release of blockages that inhibit your path to relaxation.

There will be a theoretical component that aims to clarify the fundamentals of Yoga Nidra as a form of relaxation and expanding awareness, while the practical component will complement restorative postures with the mindful use of the breath, Krya visualisations, and Nidra techniques that will help you to release with awareness throughout the inner body.



What is Yoga Nidra -IMMERSION

@Tula - 28 & 29 Sep

This module given by Nirlipta Tuli, is a 2 day workshop expanding the understanding of the fundamentals of Nidra.

In this section we will explore the origins of Yoga Nidra as a Tantric technique developed to expand awareness while the body is at rest; we will look into the science behind the practice and what happens to the brain when it’s in the deep Nidra state, and; we will discuss the various applications and benefits of Nidra – as a method of relaxation or meditation, a therapeutic tool, or as a means of developing a deeper awareness of the self.


Finally, you will gain a greater understanding of these different branches of Nidra and their blissful effect on your body and mind as you participate in several intensive practice sessions, learning in conjunction how to build your own practice and integrate the Yoga Nidra experience into your everyday personal life.

Yoga Nidra Training

@ Tula (coming in Alliance with Yoga Nidra Network)