Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

50 Hours / Zoom

8 to 17 November 2020

Due to the current situation people are requiring to rest their minds and dive deeper inside themselves. Nidra provides space for that and so much more transformation.

The program will be adapted to 50 Hrs training online that gathers the content of Module 1 and 2.



This training includes:


  • 50 Hrs training 
  • 2 Manuals
  • Theory and daily practice
  • Requires your ability to dive deeper inside and transform
  • Dharma: Discovering your purpose
  • Final case study to receive a certificate
  • Certificate



Time Table

To be able to reach different areas of the Planet we set 5 Hours of training per day, with 30 Minutes break>


8am to 1:30pm PORTUGAL (10:30 Break)


9am to 2:30pm NETHERLANDS (11:30 Break)


12:30 to 8pm SRI LANKA (3:00 Break)




To be able to reach different monetary possibilities around the world: we set a course based on donations with starting base. 


€625 + Donation


Each case will be different according with your situation, you will be able split the payments if necessary. Please write to and make enquiries. We are here to help you and find a solution if you want to make this course.