Cristina Guerra

I was born in Portugal in a sunny afternoon of July 1983. Art is my passion and creativity is my soul vibration.


I began my Yoga journey as a way to release the stress and tensions of a heavy work-load in Art Conservation field. Soon Yoga became my way of life. In fifteen years of practice, Yoga has been my balance-point and a way of solving health issues which conventional medicine had said were incurable. It has brought me closer to my true self and realization.


After an intense 500HYTT with Zuna Yoga in Gili Meno, Indonesia, light came to me and my life has since changed. Even all my previous studies of Art psychotherapy, Quantum-touch and Reiki came to be interconnected.


Since 2014, I have been hosting classes and workshops in yoga and meditation in various locations around South-East Asia and Australia. I decided to return to my European roots to share the Yoga techniques that have assisted me and moved to Amsterdam 2017 where I contributed in bringing peace, stress-relief and more awareness to re-balance the busy daily lives of so many people that I hold in my heart. Some keep practicing with me through online classes, workshops, courses and retreats.


My belief is that through the coordination of the movement and stillness with the breath we can achieve a growing awareness of our limitations and a path for overcoming these tendencies and resistances toward the spiritual. Alternative therapies help me to better understand the subtle and energetic balance while anatomy studies allow to find the physical balance.


I have since undertaken more training to deepen my knowledge in Multidimentional Therapy, Channeling, white tantric Meditation, Krya and Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. In all this process Nidra was crucial to overcome my limitations and reinforce my truthful attributes assuring my path and getting me into the opportunity of achieving my goal fearless and with clarity.


I recently moved to Portugal and keep teaching Yoga Nidra & Restorative Teacher Training in Amsterdam once a year and runing online Nidra trainings. I deliver as well Personal and Spiritual coaching sessions, Holistic Therapies as Multidimentional and Reiki, Hatha Vinyasa yoga, Restorative yoga, Meditation, yoga Nidra and look forward to keep evolving in my path through teaching and healing.


I am committed to service and supporting my students and clients on their own transformational journeys and belive we all need a hand and at same time we can and should be independent on healing by ourselves. In that way I deliver the tools for you to learn how to use them by yourself, keeping our ineer journey detached from any external necessities. 


Education and Training

Certified 100 hours Yoga Nidra Teacher Training w/ Yoga Nidra Network, England


Certified 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training w/ Zuna Yoga, Bali, Indonesia (E-RYT)


Multidimensional Therapy w/ Sofia Guerra, Portugal


Quantum Touch w/ Dr. Paulo Franco, Portugal


Art Therapy Annual course @ SPAT (Portuguese Society of Art Therapy)


Reiki Level I & II w/ Mestre Ana Marcos, Portugal


Reiki Master w/ Eric Teichman, Australia


Degree and Master in Heritage Conservation @ IPT Institute, Portugal