Beautiful Feedback

"Cristina is one of the most qualified yoga nidra teachers without a doubt. If you are looking for true quality this is it! Dedicated, fun, very very experienced, so much integrated knowledge...If you are able to participate you are a very blessed person!"

Isolde Jans

"Cristina's Yoga classes are classes with a soul. It is always a renewing and good energy experience. Highly recommended Yoga nidra, restorative and its Multidimensional therapies."

Sylvia Ibanez

I was very fascinated by the Yoga Nidra immersion weekend. I came with an open mind as it was part of the Restorative Yoga teacher training and had done some classes prior to the immersion,but was completely taken by it and by Cristina's very clear teachings,it was an amazing and mind opening experience and would like to go more deeply into it.

Thank you you for organising this and to Cristina for sharing her wealth of knowledge and warmth.

Julia Went

"Words can not explain how grateful I am that Google brought me to this yoga nidra teacher training. Cristina teaches from her heart with love, passion and great dedication which makes the training just as magical as the nidra’s she delivers.

She truly is an inspiration. 

Yoga nidra still helps me with my transformacional journey and because of the depth of this training I am now also able to guide others on their journey with this profound practice.

Forever grateful that Cristina taught (and still teaches!) me the magic of yoga nidra."

Joanne de Fretes

"The yoga Nidra training was the best gift I gave myself last year. It was a beautiful journey full of healing and self love, creativity and joy! 

Here energy and strong, gentle loving voice guides you through many levels of your beingness. 

Cristina creates a “safe environment” for you as a student so you feel safe and free to explore in the Nidra Journey. 

I believe that that is the best thing a teacher can serve for his/here students."

Shireen Kustner

"I had the privilege to do the nidra training 2 times. The first time I learned so much about myself and about nidra and I wanted to deepen this process.

I will do it again. Because you not only learn in a rational way about yourself, but you get insights and it changes from you're soul instead from the mind. And be prepared, because it will change you're life in ways you do not expect.

You get to find out what you're purpose in life is, your dharma. And that is not always a easy path, but a very worthwhile one, in every way.

Cristina feels everything, so she asks the right questions and gives the nidra's that the group needs. I felt very safe and she is with you all the way in this process.

She takes her job as nidra teacher and caretaker of you're process very serious. And the knowledge she has about nidra and everything related is mind blowing and profound. I loved the manual you wrote. The whole combination makes this a powerful training. If u have questions about mine experience, just send me a message. 

Thank you Cristina"

Kavita Binda

"I met Cristina some years ago. I never heard about Yoga Nidra.

She told me about yoga Nidra: with whole her heart, filled with nidra. It was as if I could feel the Nidra.

She knows so well what Nidra is about. I attended some sessions and yes I could feel the Nidra the way she has explained.

In fact...... for me Cristina IS Yoga Nidra.

I offer singing bowls meditations and one day Cristina asked me if we could combine a Nidra session with the sound of the singing bowls.

You have to know that I am really careful with saying yes to some one who wants to collaborate with me.

But to Cristina it was a big big YES without any doubt.

If you are interested in Yoga Nidra or want to become a Yoga Nidra Teacher? No need to look further: contact Cristina Guerra"

 Frank Klank