Special Classes



Nidra Module 1- Immersion


It is a 2 days intensive workshop opened to everyone: Nidra lovers, teachers, psycologists, doctors, healers... In this section we will look into the diffrent structures of Nidra and what happens to the brain- functions and consciousness when it’s in the deep Nidra state, and; we will discuss the difference between Nidra and Hypnosis and various applications of themes – as methods to achieve different goals.Finally, you will gain a greater understanding of these different branches of Nidra and their blissful effect on your body and mind as you participate in several intensive practice sessions, learning in conjunction how to build your own practice and integrate the Yoga Nidra experience into your everyday personal life.


Restorative Teacher Training Q&A

@ Tula

25 October

Is a 2 hours of free workshop that aims to clarify the fundamentals of Restorative Teacher Training as a means of relaxation and expanding awareness while introducing the form as a practice. 

This meeting will answer to all questions about the training, teacher and program. 

Oneness I would say is what defines Restorative and is what our society needs to connect to again.

Just by slowing down the pace and the breath, enjoying the stillness as therapeutic tool, or as means of developing a deeper awareness of the self.


ChakraMeditation & SingingBowls

         w/frank Flank @ Meditatietuin


                         15 December

In this guided chakra meditation, we are striving for an inner-chakra discovery to bring them all to harmony with the singing bowls vibration played by Frank Klank. The meditation is guided by my voice and is a combination of Laya and White Tantric meditation. We will explore the colorful and aural journey to restore the overall re-balance and get into bliss.


Me and Frank have a natural energetic connection and our work together comes from souls Love. 

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

@ Tula October 2019

In the second module we will continue with our progression through a combination of theory and practice, expanding on the concepts touched upon in the introductory section so that you will gain a broad understanding of all the facets of Yoga Nidra and the tools that you require to teach safely and with confidence.

We will study the different lineages and structures of Nidra, from the time of its origin to the various methods and techniques of today, while delving deeper into the physiology and psychology of the form in relation to the teaching practice. In turn, we will address all of the various practical elements of developing and supporting a class in an instructional environment, equipping you with the necessary skills along the way.

As the first foundation, you will learn how to provide a safe environment; what the dangers are and what to avoid. You will be taught how to prepare a positive Nidra script and how to set an intention and theme; adapted to each individual and group, and free from influential language so as to allow your students to model their own experiences and embody the truths which are their own. 


Ultimately, this training will involve some dedication and self-study. It is not only about learning how to teach but will be a deeper journey of your own. You will be required to practice daily and record your observations, and we will get to know and open ourselves to the group – in a certain moment engaging together in a creative practice of liberation to find, plant and nurture our own seeds of self-realisation.