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A Special Nidra class is delivered every month. This classes are defined around astrological events that open oportunity moments to work deeper into change from the unconscious. I get the information to design this classes in a short timeline, so follow me on Instagram and FB to get easier acces to this info.


Also the information about all the following events will be in this pages.

15 Jan

What is Yoga Nidra? Solzstudio, Caldas da Rainha

28 & 29 Jan

Imersão de Yoga Nidra - Module 1 EriceiraYogaStudio & Online Live

12 Fev

What is Yoga Nidra? Abhyasa, Lisboa

25 & 26 Fev

Yoga Nidra Immersion - Module 1 CoraçãoShala, Aljezur

11 & 12 Mar

Yoga Nidra Immersion - Module 1 Abhyasa, Lisboa
24 a 31 Mar Formação Professores de Yoga Nidra - Module 2 Cascais, Portugal & Online Live
11 a 16 Apr Yoga Nidra Teacher Training - Module 2 Abhyasa, Lisboa
  Yoga Nidra with Singing Bowls  
1 a 10 May Yoga Nidra Teacher Training - Module 2 Online Live
8 a 16 Jul

Formação Professores de Yoga Nidra 

Module 1 + 2 - Retreat

22 a 30 Jul

Formação Professores de Yoga Nidra 

Module 1 + 2 

All year Long Make your Dream Life Come True - Coaching Online - 3 hours per for 2 months
2 a 12 Set

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Module 1 + 2 - Retreat

 WildOasis, Monchique
17 Set  Yoga Nidra with Singing Bowls  Wanderyogifestival, Ericeira
18 a 24  Set Yoga Retreat - Co-Create Yourself  WildOasis, Monchique

Yoga Nidra and Restorative Teacher Training 


Quinta do Pochão
Feb 2024  Winter Rest and Restore Retreat  Bali

With attention to the breath, my teaching approach focuses on the energy and consciousness we can acquire within ourselves through well-structured sequencing to balance the physical and energetic levels. Yoga is about feeling good with your own body/mind and their limitations. It is recognizing our barriers that allows us to work with more consciousness to overcome them. Let's find the best way to flow into the practice you need at the moment. Acceptance of who and how we are at the present is what take us forward.

Private Classes

According with students needs we are going to define a personalized sequence with awareness into limitations and resistances. The directed attention during the practice will make the student to evolve into transformation faster than a general yoga class. All is directed to your needs and we can develop Meditation and Nidra sessions, recording them for you to take it home.

The private classes are good for deepening your practice, identifying and overcoming physical and emotional obstacles, to recover from injury or to dive deeper into yourself. 

Nidra private class will target Therapeutically your patterns and attitudes you need to change in order to overcome an emotional/mental stress or illness. Later cases that came across solved by Nidra are Burn-out, Insomnia, Post-traumatic stress and Chronic pain.


A  single class is 60€, there is a special package of 5 classes for 275€.

Free Nidras Records

"There is almost no limit. Yoga Nidra can help in almost all types of diseases" 

Swami Satyananda


Before illness usually one encounters physical and emotional or mental challenge, Nidra can be helpful to overcome this times with more awareness and less stress to avoid the disease to come.

There are few limitations in Yoga Nidra therapeutically, however it can assist with:

- Tension and stress relief

- Post-traumatic stress

- Fatigue and Insomnia

- Pain management

- Surgery: prep or recovery

- Mental health: limitation in depression and psychoses

Clarity and calm will arise with Nidra practice. When it seems you do not have time to practice, those are the days you need it most. When disturbed, uncomfortable or restless it will have the effects into your deepest levels of consciousness or will take you to the rest you need.



Hatha Vinyasa

Flowing with the rhythm of the breath into correct alignment is essential to allow the energy to move into proper direction unlocking blockages that are causing physical or emotional pain and preventing us to go forward.

Creating heat will liberate toxins and strength will prevent pain.

The strength with alignment is worked for you to be able later to build a comfortable seated posture in meditation.

Classes can be gentle to strong depending on the level and goals, from cleansing and overall health to postural or theoretical education.


The restorative practice invites us to relax, reestablish and renew integrity in all the layers of our selves. We go to the trigger points of accumulation, dissolving tension by correcting skeletal alignment and releasing the joints, muscles, tendons, deeper tissues, fascia and skin, with the help of props, breathing techniques and complete relaxation.

With the parasympathetic nervous system activated through restorative practice, the blood flows away from the limbs to stimulate and calm the organs, aiding our digestion, assimilation and elimination, which in turn serves to reduce stress, anxiety, emotional pain or exhaustion.


Yoga Nidra has the capacity to address emotional traumas and reprogram the psychic personality by planting new seeds of truth – clearing tendencies, perceptions and obstacles, which as a result can lead to changes in behavioral patterns and personal intuition. In this respect, it is important to be guided with positivity but without influencing your mind through directed behavioral or emotion related words. Is an amazing deeper inner journey were you are to be left to model your own experience and embody your own deeper truth.

You can seed the truthful intentions about yourself and purpose in the deepest gardens of your unconscious mind.